The Tianyi Mould Company

Welcome to Tianyi company,is renowned as “the excellent fan mould maker” by most of Huangyan district local mould manufacturers.

The member of Sunfamily work in the fan mould field continue decades ,and founded Tianyi company in 2000 , which company is come from the Tianyi workshop founded in 1996.

We also accept that our clients customize other all kinds of plastic injection Precision Mold.

In 2022 May, we open new company named Zhejiang Fanmould Trading Co.,LtD for help oversea clients to purchase China relation parts of fan mould. 

Tianyi company

Be inspired by our Fan mould technology, our solutions and our competence and trust that you will find the future of intelligent developments at “the excellent fan mould maker”company.

We focus on system solutions for Fan mould application , are constantly looking for new applications for our products. As an innovation and quality leader, we constantly set new standards in technology, service and design.

Our high quality standards and customer-oriented innovations inspire business partners all over world. 

With ideas for new developments within and outside our Fan mould manufacturing, we want to be the one of leading Fan mould making in terms of technology, growth and profitability. 

Our pioneering spirit and our striving for innovation encompasses all operational processes, because we not only have visions, but also put them into practice.

 Tianyi Fan mould quality standard data